Frequently Asked Questions
Do I need an appointment for bath and groom pets?

Yes, our locations have block scheduling for groom pets and bath pets must be in before two. Staggering the dogs throughout the day allows us to minimize the amount of time a dog spends up here generally no more than 3-4 hours. You are welcome to drop your pet off before your time and have until close to pick the animal up once we call.

Walk-ins will be accepted if our schedule allows, but can never be guaranteed.

Do you keep the pet all day?

Not necessarily. Our block scheduling generally only requires a pet to stay up here several hours at a time.

If your pet requires special attention, such as sedation or Express Service¯, we will be more than happy to accommodate with a small processing fee.

Facilities with daycare also welcome socialized, altered, fully vaccinated pets to open play at no charge before they are groomed.

Do you require vaccinations?
Yes. Bath and groom pets require proof of rabies. In order to play with the other dogs in daycare or boarding; we need proof of rabies, parvo, distemper and bordetella.
Do you machine wash the pets?
No, every pet is washed carefully by hand.
Can I bring a picture of how I wish my dog to look?
Absolutely! Feel free to email or bring a picture of previous grooms or the look you are going for. Sometimes a picture conveys your desires more than words ever could. We can even save the picture in our database to reference for future appointments.
Can someone other than me drop off my pet?
Yes, but if they are unsure of how you would like the pet's hair cut please leave instructions with us when making the appointment to maximize your satisfaction.
Can I bathe my own groom pet at a discount?
We advise against it. Our professional tools, greater water pressure, experience and other variables allow us to make sure that your dog's coat is in the best condition possible before going on the grooming table.
Will you de-matt the dog?

We will de-matt pets for an additional fee (including clipper blade wear/tear) at an extra charge.
There are times that we have no choice but to shave pets down, which we will advise and discuss during the consultation before services.

Do you sedate the pets?
We do not sedate pets without consent. There are times; however, for safety we may advise you acquire a sedative thru your vet and administer it before bringing the pet in. Sedated pet incur a rush fee because of the limited time frame to work with them.
Do you have breed restrictions?
No. House of Paws believes that responsible owners not phenotype dictate a dog's temperament. We happily accept human-friendly dogs of all size and breeds and well socialized dog are welcome in daycare (
Do you walk the dogs?
Boarding and daycare dogs are walked on a set schedule. Bath and groom dogs that are here for an extended period of time or indicate they need to go will be walked as well. We still advise, however, that you walk your dog at drop off and pick up.
What if I'm not completely satisfied with my pet's haircut?
Please notify us within 72 hours and we'll do everything within our capacity to rectify the situation.
What should I know before boarding my dog?
Provided your dog is fixed (if six months or older) and gets along well with other dogs they get to play in the doggy daycare all day long. The play area is indoors and climate controlled, but they are walked several times a day. Boarding dogs are kenneled individually at night.

We have blankets and bowls and prefer to use our own so they do not get mixed up. We advise you to bring your own food (suddenly changing a dog's diet can upset its digestion), but we do keep food on hand if you forget.
Do you board cats?
No. Our facility is not set up to board cats.
Will my boarding dog receive a bath?
All boarding dogs will receive a bath at 50% the normal price on the day of pick up. Large congregations of dogs often play in ways their owners would prefer they didn't (drooling on one another, urinating on one another) and we insist all dogs leaving our facility are sparkling clean.
Do you give daycare tours?
Yes, but not while we are actually in the process of grooming pets. Our facility's lay out requires you to walk thru the grooming area (risk of disturbing the pets on the table) and bathing area (risk of slippery floors). You are welcome to check out the daycare area at the beginning and end of the day.
Will you help me find homes for my litter or stud out my dog?
While House of Paws respects the hard work of responsible breeders, we generally advocate rescue and adoption. We are happy to network with shelters, rescues and foster homes to find homes for these pets.